Where to find Rice in New World

A useful ingredient.

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The many resources you can find in New World are instrumental to leveling your character’s trade skills and crafting some of the more complicated recipes you can find back at a settlement. For cooks, you’ll spend a lot of your time searching the entire game for many of the ingredients you need for your meals. In this guide, we will cover where you can find Rice in New World and what you need to search to locate it.

When you’re looking for Rice, you primarily want to look for it in provision crates. These crates have specific locations that appear at landmarks and several other hidden areas that are sometimes difficult to find. However, each region of containers has a chance to spawn different ingredients. These are all of the locations you can find Rice in New World, and you can only find it in provision crates in Monarch’s Bluffs, Restless Shore, and Shattered Mountain.

Monarch’s Bluffs

Monarch’s Bluffs is one of the starting areas and features a handful of provisions right outside of the settlement, to the east. You can expect to loop through this area pretty effectively, but you can expect others to also run through here. We recommend checking out the islands to the west, though.

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Restless Shore

The Restless Shore won’t have too many provisions chests, but it has some of the best that you can find. Unfortunately, most of them are in the northern region of the territory. This is a level 41 to 46 area, and we don’t recommend going through here unless you’ve made your way through the game quite a bit.

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Shattered Mountain

The last region you can find Rice is the most dangerous one: the Shatter Mountain. You won’t be entering this area until you reach level 60, so you’re better off not worrying about it until you’ve completed the entire storyline in New World.

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