Where to find Saffron in New World

A standard ingredient for several cooking recipes.

There are 12 unique herbs you can find in New World, each used in many cooking recipes that you’re going to be leveling up to improve your skills. These spices drop off of the herbs in New World, but they typically spawn in specific regions of the game. If you’re looking for Saffron, you’ll need to travel to particular locations to farm them. This guide details the best areas to find Saffron in New World and the plant you need to harvest.

When you’re looking for Saffron, it’s going to drop the herb plant, a common resource node that spawns throughout the starter region. They’re littered throughout these areas, but the locations you want to farm Saffron will be the herbs in Brightwood, Mourningdale, and First Light.


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First Light

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Of the three locations, the Saffron typically spawns, First Light and Brightwood are likely your best locations. Some players have reported finding some in Everfall, but there are two few spawns for it to be a suitable location for you to farm. Therefore, the starting area of First Light is likely your best bet.

You will need a sickle to harvest the herb plants. Although you require a sickle to gather them, there is no harvesting level requirement.