Where to find Sage in New World

Time for sage advice.

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Sage is one of the 12 herb resources you can find in New World. If you’re looking to create more complicated recipes at the kitchen crafting station, many of those recipes require you to go out of your way to find Sage. The tricky bit is knowing where to find Sage. This guide details where you need to go to find Sage in New World and how you can harvest it.

Any Sage you want to find will come from herb plants. These are common resource nodes you can find throughout New World. The trick to locating Sage is knowing what regions you have to visit to find it and harvesting those for Sage. For example, the herb plants you find in Monarch’s Bluffs won’t drop the same herbs that you can find in Everfall. These are some of the many herb nodes you can find throughout New World, but when you’re looking for Sage, you need to search for it in Brightwood, Reekwater, and Everfall.


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Of the three regions, Everfall has a handful of herbs, with Reekwater only containing a fair amount, and some of them are difficult to locate. Therefore, we recommend sticking to the west side of Everfall, on the border of Monarch’s Bluffs, where you can find one of the starter locations.

When you find herbs, you’ll need a sickle tool to harvest them. There is no harvesting level requirement to pick these up.