Where to find small eggs in World of Warcraft Classic

Greatfather Winter is going to have some clogged arteries by New Year’s Eve

While making Gingerbread Cookies for Greatfather Winter, you’ll need to use small eggs for crafting the cookies in World of Warcraft Classic’s Feast of Winter Veil. Watch out for rogue snowballs thrown in your direction as you put together your cookies.

Looting eggs

Fortunately, small eggs are relatively easy to find, regardless of your class or alignment in WoW Classic. The best place to farm some eggs (no pun intended) is Darkshore, along the coast of the Veiled Sea, where you will find scores of Moonkin. These oversized birds, appropriately, are the enemies with the highest chance to drop small eggs. Listed below, you can determine your odds of looting a small egg after killing one of them:

Enemy% Chance to drop small egg
Moonkin Oracle70%
Raging Moonkin69%
Young Moonkin68%

Baking cookies

After securing your stash of eggs, make your cookies with the Holiday Spices you have purchased from one of the special holiday vendors for the Winter Veil event. Make sure you’ve also purchased one glass of Ice Cold Milk, available at most regular vendors in any city.

When you turn in the cookies and milk to Greatfather Winter, he will give you a Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack. Inside, you might find some of the following: Light Leather, Mageroyal, Copper Bar, and a Bolt of Linen Cloth. Not bad for a simple recipe that was given to you just minutes prior.