Where to find the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant in Lost Ark

Here for all your end-game trading purposes.

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Most MMO games have many different forms of currency that players can collect and exchange for items. Lost Ark has numerous currencies, perhaps even more than most of its sister games. Players can get lost about where and what they can spend them on. For instance, you may get your hands on Amethyst Shards early in the game, but there will be nowhere to spend them. You likely have some in your inventory piling up but can’t find a merchant that accepts them. That is because Amethyst Shards are a late-game currency in Lost Ark, and you will find the merchant only much later in the game. Here’s where to find the Amethyst Shard Merchant in Lost Ark.

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Where to find the Amethyst Shard Merchant in Lost Ark?

The merchant who will exchange Amethyst Shards for items is unavailable during the early and mid-game stages of Lost Ark, even though you can obtain the currency. But as you progress and unlock the late-game locations in the world of Arkesia, you will be able to find the Mysterious Man, as he is sometimes called, i.e., the Amethyst Shard Exchange Merchant.

There are four major locations at which you will be able to find the merchant. The most notable location is in North Vern, which you’re likely to frequent during that stage of the game. Besides that, you will also be able to find the merchant in Nia Village in PunikaRothun in Rohendal, and in Luterra Castle in East Luttera, which is perhaps the most convenient location of the four.

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How to get Amethyst Shards in Lost Ark

To trade with the merchant and get his potent items, you will need to get some Amethyst Shards. While you may have some, they certainly won’t be enough. Most shards can be earned by completing achievements in the game. For example, People Person achievement for a 50-player friends list, First Step, Light’s Call for finishing the Prologue without skipping, and many other easy achievements can net you a nice collection of shards.

You can also get them more regularly from Amazon and Twitch Prime Gaming packs and drops. If you have connected your Lost Ark account with Twitch, you can often enjoy getting currencies for just being there, including Amethyst Shards.