Where to find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim in Everspace 2

A tough one to find.

For your second mission in Everspace 2, you will need to track down three distractors that are helping to hide your base. They are currently malfunctioning, which means your base is exposed to enemies. Fixing them will hide you again, so it’s a priority job.

The Distractor in Ceto Outer Rim can be a tough one to find, as there is no fixed waypoint to lead you to it. To find this one, head to the Flying Dutchman station and use this as a starting point. Now, looking sightly up and to the left and you will see a massive shipwreck with a large asteroid floating to the left.

This asteroid is where you need to go. Head there and take out the weird space plants that are growing all over the Distractor to help boost the signal. When that is done, the mission is effectively over.

You should, however, fully explore the area. Start at the shipwreck and carefully make your way inside. You will find two floating power units that you an attach to power sockets, opening side panels that will reveal contains you can search. To the right of the ship is another minefield protecting an enemy base. Take out the turrets and then loot all their containers, but be careful of the drones that will appear after you start doing this.

In the main asteroid field that dominates this area, you can find an escape pod that will give you a message and another mission to complete. This is easy to find as it is marked by a blue waypoint. There are also plenty of small shipwrecks, scrap metals, and other items to loot in this area.