Does Everspace 2 have multiplayer?

Can you play with friends?

Everspace 2

Everspace 2 is the fast-paced spaceship shooter follow up to the original game, dropping the light roguelite elements for a more traditional story-driven structure. It will give you an entire galaxy to explore, plenty of story missions, and lots of secrets to find.

If you are looking at the game and thinking it might be fun to play with friends, then it is important to know that Everspace 2 is a single-player game, and does not support multiplayer at this time.

For now, the team seems to be focused on evolving Everspace 2 into a manageable project and growing on the promise of the first title. According to project manager Caspar Michel in an interview with Segment Next, “There’s always a possibility for a multiplayer Everspace in the future. We often discuss it internally, but we are simply not ready for it. Let’s keep the evolution healthy from a single-player roguelike to an open-world space shooter RPG and maybe add online coop-multiplayer in our next game.”

So, while Everspace 2 may not support multiplayer, it is certainly something that developer Rockfish hopes to be able to scale up to in their next title. Of major concern for Michel is the fact that they are being realistic about how much work a high-quality multiplayer experience actually takes. “Make no mistake, adding online multiplayer would add years to the development cycle, many job descriptions to our fairly small team, and require a significantly bigger budget if done right”, he said.

So, for now at least, if you are interested in Everspace 2 you should be aware that there are no current plans to add a multiplayer mode to it, and you will be solo adventuring through the inky blackness of space.