Where to find the Eridium Ore in New Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1

You hid the extremely rare ore in a toolbox.

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New Tales From the Borderlands may focus significantly on choices and their outcomes, but you get the occasional task that requires you to search your surroundings and find different objects. Shortly after meeting the first character you control, Anu, you are tasked with finding some Eridium Ore to power your device. Unfortunately, Anu forgot where she put it, so finding it may take some time. This guide will show you where Eridium Ore can be found in New Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1.

Eridium Ore location in New Tales From the Borderlands

Anu is a brilliant scientist who happens to be so scattered-brained that she forgets where she placed the precious mineral that powers her device. Shortly after meeting her, she realizes that the Eridium isn’t in her device and that she needs to locate it. During this time, you will gain control of Anu and be able to roam around her lab to find the ore.

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There are three main interactions that you can have while controlling Anu:

  1. You can interact with the Jabber cage.
  2. You can take a look at the large safe.
  3. You can speak to Phuong.

Unfortunately, the Eridium isn’t obtained by interacting with Phuong or the objects. You will, however, need to interact with everything in the room before you can get the ore.

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Use your Tech Goggles to scan the Safe, Phuong, and the Jabber Cage. You will also need to interact with each before or after scanning them. Afterward, you will get a short cutscene showing the toolbox on the table. After the cutscene, scan the toolbox with the Tech Goggles, and you get a cutscene showing the Eridium Ore inside. Reach into the toolbox and grab the Eridium Ore. You can now power up the device and go on to show it to Rhys.