Where to find the Gallo Tower coffin in Vampire Survivors

Find the coffin that contains Concetta.

Image via poncle

Finding coffins in Vampire Survivors is always a challenge, especially because they aren’t placed in obvious locations. You are also focused on surviving the incoming enemies rather than searching for clues or entryways. The Gallo Tower coffin can be difficult to find, even though the map is one giant line. Tough enemies will block your way, and their numbers start increasing rapidly.

Fortunately, finding the Gallo Tower coffin can be done quickly. You should have some decent weapons before you search for it, but you don’t need a fully upgraded arsenal. Ensure your survival against powerful enemy hordes around the 10 minute mark, and you should be fine.

Finding the entrance to the Gallo Tower coffin

Unlike coffins in other maps, the Gallo Tower coffin isn’t in the default map. Going up and down in either direction isn’t going to put you close to the coffin. Going down can actually put you up against a powerful enemy you might not be ready for.

What you are looking for is a mirror on the left side of the map. It can be close to your starting position, but only one mirror will have this effect. To let you know it is the right mirror, it will be sparkling to indicate it can be interacted with.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can enter the mirror and this will lead you to the coffin, where you can unlock Concetta Caciotta. Concetta will appear in the Character Select menu and will be available after paying 1,000 gold to unlock her. The coffin is a one-time deal; you will not be able to get back into the secret room after finding Concetta. She will always be in the Character Select menu even if she hasn’t been purchased. Dying during the run will not block you from getting Concetta.

Alternatives to the coffin

If you aren’t interested in finding the coffin or are struggling to find the mirror, there is an alternate way to get Concetta. With the Scrolls of Morbane, you can access the Spell menu. Type in “ifeellovevenus” and this will unlock Concetta. This will block off access from the Gallo Tower coffin and you will miss out on the secret area. But it will provide a useful way to bypass the challenge if you can’t be bothered.

Concetta will allow you to work with the Shadow Pinion weapon, letting you see if it is compatible with your plans for defeating enemies. Finding the coffin will help you unlock the Shadow Pinion for all characters, while letting you experiment with a good set-up for Concetta.