Where to find the Hugo’s Herbarium collectible in Chapter 3 in A Plague Tale: Requiem

You can’t beat flower power.

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Hugo’s Herbarium is a set of collectibles hidden throughout A Plague Tale: Requiem. Collecting these secrets doesn’t do anything from a gameplay angle, but they will add some cosmetic flair to Amicia. Each chapter except chapter one has a hidden addition for you to discover, but finding them can be tricky. Each stage has several sections, and most of them are filled with enemies that can make exploring difficult. This guide will explain where to find Hugo’s Herbarium collectible in chapter three of A Plague Tale: Requiem.

How to find Hugo’s Herbarium collectible in Chapter 3

Hugo’s Herbarium collectibles are a set of flowers that Amicia plucks from the wild for her brother Hugo. The keyword in that description is from the wild. The levels in A Plague Tale are vast, but flowers near a stand or at a merchant aren’t the type of flowers Amicia is looking for. You will only find these flowers hidden in the various areas on the outskirts or outside of marketplaces. Chapter three is an extended mission consisting of eight distinct sections. The section containing Hugo’s Herbarium collectible is section six, “At the Herbalist.”

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During this section, you will have to sneak or fight through a village overrun by enemy soldiers and rats to meet the herbalist. Near the end of this section, after saving or sacrificing the herbalist, you will exit through a wooden door and find yourself at the herbalist’s house. Before you venture inside his house, which triggers the end of the chapter, you need to pay special attention to the large tree in front of his house.

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Pots are hanging from the tree containing various supplies and crafting materials. One of these pots will drop the flower you need for Hugo’s Herbarium. Walk up to collect the Chamomile flower. Once done, you can exit the level or proceed into the house to complete the chapter.