Where to find the Jason Voorhees mask on Maple Lodge Campsite in Phasmophobia

Never wander off alone at a campgrounds.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Maple Lodge Campsite map was added to Phasmophobia for the Nightmare update, which included the addition of four new ghost types and a Nightmare difficulty mode. The creepy Maple Lodge Campsite is a massive outdoor location with a lot of open space, making it difficult for you to hide from the ghosts and figure out where they’re located. But there’s also something else eerie on the lake, and for horror fans, you may encounter an old friend near the water on the lakefront.

It’s possible to find a Jason Voorhees mask on the Mape Lodge Campsite. In the Friday the 13th franchise, Jason Voorhees appears as the primary horror antagonist, perishing in Camp Crystal Lake.

In the Maple Lodge Campsite map, you can find the Jason Voorhees mask. We were able to find it by walking out to the very end of the dock, next to the chair and cooler, and looking over the side. The mask slowly bubbles up to the surface from the bottom of the lake and floats on the water.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s a small little easter egg from the Phasmophobia team that likely hints at where they received the inspiration for the campsite map. While Jason is not haunting the Maple Lodge Campsite, there’s still a ghost wandering around the area.