Where to find the M1911 handgun in Resident Evil Village

A classic.

Image via Capcom

As Resident Evil Village is filled with assorted enemies that will be trying to kill you in various ways, it is a good idea to keep out for as many weapons as possible. While you do get a handgun at the start of the game, you will want to upgrade this to something with a bit more power.

The M1911 can be found after you are finished the first Castle section of the game. Players will need to make their way to the Workshop in the south of the Fallow Plot. The weapon can be found in a yard that is blocked by a white gate with “Do Not Enter” written on it. The padlock can be broken with a swipe of your knife, however.

Screenshot via Gamepur

The below video contains a route from the Dukes new spawn point in the Village when the Castle section is complete. It’s a little bit winding, due to the nature of the area’s layout, and the fact that you need to open a few routes to get there.

Once you arrive at the gate, bash the lock and head inside. A building on the left contains a locker in the rear. The code for this locker is 070408. Opening the locker will reveal the M1911 and the carjack that players will need to lift a nearby tractor.

The M1911 is a great replacement for the pistol you get at the start of the game. It handles a little better and hits much harder, so you will get more bang for your buck from ammo.