Where to find the Nova-Lord outfit in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

This look is a completely new design by Eidos Montreal.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bummed that Nova isn’t a playable character in Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, you can use a costume inspired by the force he is based by on the game’s protagonist Starlord instead. Thankfully, you can find the fittingly named Nova-Lord outfit fairly early in the game.

Rather than having to buy them outright with real money, outfits are available in Guardians of the Galaxy as loot you can pick up. That’s a welcome change. Unfortunately, they don’t give bonuses to Starlord’s attacks or defense, but you’ll look cool while saving the galaxy.

You can find the Nova Lord outfit within Chapter 2 in Hala’s Hope. After saving the commander’s daughter, you’ll be in the undersection of the ship. As you follow the cadet, you’ll find that you can deviate from the path. You’ll upset the 12-year-old of course, but if you turn to the left, you can find the Nova Lord outfit.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Near the beginning of the level, you’ll find yellow piping and crates with a three-pronged logo. Crawl under the hole on the left side of the main path. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if Starlord says that the cadet owes him one.

To equip the flash Nova Lord outfit, designed for this game alone, go to the pause menu and press the triangle button (Y on Xbox and X on the Nintendo Switch). Then, select the Nova-Lord outfit. Now you’re ready to party, despite Gamora not particularly being fond of the new look.