Where to find Tropius in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Don’t “leaf” this one behind.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offer a ton of Pokémon for players to find and capture, including Tropius, a tropical-inspired grass/flying type that can be found relatively early in the game. To help you find this Pokémon to round out your team or assist on your quest to fill the Pokédex, our guide will give the details on where to locate Tropius and give you some tips on how to catch them.

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How to catch Tropius in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Tropius is found in a relatively large area in the northwestern area of the Paldea region and is quite a common sighting, making this Pokémon an easy find compared to others. You’ll find Tropius in Casseroya Lake, mainly around the bottom of the lake in the field areas, or West Province (Area Two), where you’ll usually find them wandering near trees and patches of grass. They should be easy to spot given their larger size than most Pokémon and large leaf wings.

In our case, we found Tropius at around levels 26-28 in West Province (Area Two), so you’ll likely be a little into the game by the time you find them. They are also not a rarer spawn, meaning you’ll probably see them quite often and should have no issue finding one.

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If you’re aiming to catch this tropical-themed Pokémon, you’ll want to use a Pokémon of a similar level and use fire, flying, ice, poison, and rock moves, as these are super effective against Tropius. To mitigate damage, you should use Pokémon with the types bug, dragon, electric, fire, flying, grass, poison, rock, and steel types, as these types can be resistant to grass and flying type moves from Tropius.

Like other Pokémon in the games, Tropius also drops the Tropius leaf material, which is needed to craft specific TM’s, the items that let Pokémon learn particular moves, like TM155 Frenzy Plant, TM159 Leaf Storm, and TM168 Solar Beam.