Where to get a well done steak in Monster Hunter Rise

Grilling time.

Image via Capcom

Plenty of characters in Monster Hunter Rise will have requests that you can complete to get some free loot, money, or items. Early in the game, Elder Fugen will introduce you to the concept by asking your for a well done steak.

This is set up as a soft introduction to the idea of cooking, but it can be confusing for newer players. In this guide, we will run you through the steps you need to take to get Fugen his well done steak.

The first thing you will need is a piece of meat. This can be gotten from monster that you kill in any of the game’s many areas. You then need to cook the meat using the BBQ Spit. This is part of your inventory from the very start of the game. To get the BBQ Spit, hold the L button, and cycle through the hot bar until you see it. You can then hit the Y button to use it.

Cooking meat is actually quite interesting, as there are four different possible results. Your steak can end up being raw, rare, well-done, or burnt. As you may have guessed, the result will depend on the amount of time you cook it for.

To get a well-done steak, you want to cook it for roughly the length of the music that will play while cooking. This might take a few attempts to get right. If you watch the meat carefully, you will see it change color as you cook it. When it is a deep brown, hit the A button to stop cooking and you should end up with a well done steak.

After that, just take it back to Fugen in the town to finish up the quest.