Where to get all clothes in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

Unlock the complete wardrobe.

Image via Rockstar Games

To change clothes in GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, you have to find a clothing marker and walk into it. Some of these markers are inside or outside clothing stores, but you don’t buy them. Most of them appear after the completion of specific missions. Each marker is labeled with the name of the corresponding outfit. Changing clothes will remove your wanted level, as long as it’s not higher than two stars.

Here’s where to find each outfit marker:

  • Bank Job: Upstairs at the Malibu Club, after you complete the “The Job” mission.
  • Cop: Inside the locker room of the Washington Beach police station (turn left as soon as you enter the station), after you complete the Cop Land mission. This one stops the cops inside the station from attacking you.
  • Country Club: Outside the Leaf Links golf course, after you complete the Four Iron mission.
  • Coveralls: Inside the Tooled Up hardware store in the North Point Mall in Vice Point, after you complete the Riot mission.
  • Frankie: Inside Tommy’s Mansion, after you get 100% completion.
  • Havana: Inside Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour, a store just south of the Print Works, after completing the “Two Bit Hit” mission.
  • Mr Vercetti: Outside the front of the Collar & Cuffs clothing store behind the Ocean Beach Hotel in Ocean Beach, after you buy The ‘Pole Position Club’.
  • Soiree: Outside the front of Rafael’s clothing store in Ocean Beach, after you complete The Party mission.
  • Street: The Ocean View Hotel in Ocean Beach after the An Old Friend mission, Tommy’s Mansion on Starfish Island after completing the Rub Out mission, and the rooftop of the Hyman Condo after you’ve bought it.
  • Tracksuit: Outside the front of Jocksport, just north of Well Stacked Pizza in Downtown, after you complete the Supply & Demand mission.