Crime Is Once Again King on Game Pass as Grand Theft Auto V Returns

One of the biggest games returns to Xbox Game Pass, download it today!

Grand Theft Auto V

Image via Rockstar Games

Xbox’s Game Pass subscription gives players some of the best deals on games, which is why it’s such a popular service amongst the gaming community. Not only does it provide discounts for popular titles, but it also offers a wide selection of games available to download. Every month, during the first couple of days, Xbox introduces what games will be in the lineup to download, and this month was a little shocking.

Not only are games like Exoprimal and The Cave heading to Game Pass later this July, but players also have a massive game that has returned. Grand Theft Auto V is now available on the subscription service after not being on Game Pass since April 2021.

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GTA V Is On Game Pass, But GTA Online Is Missing

Image via Rockstar Games

Players who are excitedly running to their Xbox to download GTA V do need to know that GTA Online isn’t included in it. If a player wants both, they will need to purchase it separately to play with friends.

In Grand Theft Auto V’s campaign, players will have to pull off many dangerous heists to survive in what is considered a ruthless city that is full of crime with only a few people to trust. This game will definitely leave those who play it wanting more, whether that be running away from the police in a high-speed chase or getting new cars and customizing them.

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If players decide they want to purchase the bundle for GTA that includes the Online mode, they can find it in the store, which will then allow them to switch between different game modes. GTA Online can be played with GTA V and vice versa.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for both Xbox and PC from Game Pass, as well as for cloud gaming.