Where to get Block of Ice in Monster Hunter Rise

Break the ice.

Image via Capcom

The resources you acquire in Monster Hunter Rise are crucial to increasing your hunter’s arsenal, forging new armor types, and crafting some of the game’s best weapons. You’ll need these weapons when you reach high-rank missions to improve your weapons and fight the toughest bosses in the game. These creatures are even more powerful than those you battled against when you started the game, and many of them come with unique resources you can use at the smithy. The Block of Ice resource is a unique one for Monster Hunter Rise, and you can only acquire it from one of the new monsters added to the game, Goss Harag.

Goss Harag is a large beast that primarily fights on its two hind legs. It can run around and potentially knock you down when it charges you on all four, but when it’s in the heat of combat, you’ll primarily find it standing and trying to swipe at you.

You can only find Goss Harag hunts in the Frost Islands. Because it’s native to this region, it has the ability to freeze its front two arms and turn them into sharp blades, and enters a rampaging mood where it can attack you and your party members with massive swipes. When it has ice blocks on its arms, you’ll want to dodge much more quickly and stay further out of reach from the creature.

The best chance for you to loot the Block of Ice resource when battling this creature is to earn it as a dropped material. You’ll want to wait until its arms are fully covered in ice and then aim for those during the battle. If you’re lucky, the resource will fall to the ground. You can pick it up while battling with the creature after defeating it or grab it when it changes to another area. The Block of Ice also drops as a capture reward or a target reward, but the chance of it being those is pretty low.

The Block of Ice resource drops off the Goss Harag in low rank and high-rank hunts.