Where to get Conches in Tower of Fantasy

Delicious seafood at your fingertips.

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The beach is a wonderful place where you can swim in the ocean, enjoy the sound of crashing waves, and collect seashells. Just like in real life, in Tower of Fantasy you can collect conch shells on the beach. These shells have Conches in them that you can turn into wonderful meals that will satiate your character and restore their health. Before you can devour these tasty morsels, you first need to discover their whereabouts.

Where to find Conches in Tower of Fantasy

Conches are beach-dwelling creatures. As such, you will need to make your way to the beach to find them. You can find Conches in two regions; Banges and Navia. The first of these areas that you will reach in the game is Banges. You will get to this area after completing the story in the Astra region.

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To find Conches, you will want to search the southern part of the Banges coastline. Along this beach, you will find a lot of Conches. Make sure to stay in the south. When you start to cross into the central part of the beach, you will start finding Scallops instead.

How to use Conches

You can gather more information about Conches by going to the ingredients menu and selecting them. This will reveal their whereabouts for you to find them in the future. Since Conches are an ingredient, you can take them to a cooking robot to turn them into various meals that will restore your character’s health and fill their Satiety meter. We do not recommend eating this ingredient raw. Consuming Conches will only fill your Satiety meter by one point. They are much more useful when turn into a meal.