Where to get Hard Wood in My Time at Sandrock

Tough pieces of wood.

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Hard Wood is one of the resources you can find in My Time at Sandrock. You’ll want to harvest it to create some of the more advanced crafting projects in your Workshop, especially if you’re eager to complete the tougher Commissions. There are multiple ways you can find this resource and begin using it. Here’s what you need to know about where to get Hard Wood in My Time at Sandrock.

Where to get Hard Wood

You want to begin worrying about trying to find Hard Wood and harvesting it from resource nodes after you create a Bronze Axe. Without this upgraded tool, you won’t be able to break down the tougher nodes. Your starting Axe is not enough. When you do have your helpful Bronze tool, you can start cutting down the Cactus surrounding your Workshop in the desert. You can collect several pieces of Hard Wood from these Cactus, while also obtaining Cactus Spikes and fruit. You can also cut down any Dead Wood your find, or the Quality Wood Scrap piles around the Salvage Shop.

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These resources replenish at the start of every day. While farming for them, we recommend you focus entirely on cutting down as many Cactus trees and Deadwood trees as you can find, collecting them in a storage chest, and then creating refined resources with your Workshop tools. It’s better to dedicate an entire day to collect these resources, especially if you find multiple projects need Hardwood as a critical resource.