Where to get High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

Only the best will do.

Image via Capcom

An important thing to understand about Monster Hunter Rise is that you are never done grinding resources. If you are just dipping your toes into High Rank content, you will have realised that you need to get a whole new set of ores, bones, and pelts to keep yourself in the fight.

High Quality Pelt is one such item, and in the world of High Rank it will be replacing Warm Pelt as your go to armor liner. The good news is that other than the name, nothing else will change, you can still get High Quality Pelt from the same sources that you got your Warm Pelt.

You will need to farm Kelbis at the Shrine Ruins and Anteka on the Forst Islands. You can find Kelbis in area 11 of the Shrine Ruins, while Anteka will appear in 6 and between area 1 and 3 of Frost Lands. For our money, Kelbi are definitley the better farm with the higher drop chance.

If you need High Quality Pelt but have yet to reach High Rank, then you will need to put in the work to do so. This means grinding to 6 Star Level in the village quests, and then completing three licensing quests that will give you access to the higher rank content.

Don’t jump in too early, as you will want to make sure you have your armor and weapons at the best possible level, but the difficulty step up is noticeable in this late game content.