Where to get permanent upgrades in Curse of the Dead Gods

Level up.

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In Curse of the Dead Gods, you won’t get very far on skill alone. You’ll need to collect special currency to upgrade your character to become stronger. The stronger you get, the farther you’ll get in the temple, and the more currency you will collect. This guide will walk you through how to get permanent upgrades in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Where to go

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Every time you die in Curse of the Dead Gods, you get sent back to the game’s hub world, called the Underworld. But, before starting a new run by heading through the huge doors in front of you, turn around and head backward. Stand on the giant skull in the center of the room until the three skulls around it light up, then press your Interact button to open the upgrades menu.

What to pick

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There are a few different types of upgrades to choose from in Curse of the Dead Gods. Some upgrades give you stat improvements while others increase the drop chance of specific items. To purchase upgrades, you will need to exchange either Crystal Skulls or Jade Rings. Below is every type of upgrade and what they do.

  • Blessings give you permanent passive upgrades.
  • Forsaken Weaponry spawns weapons of your choice in the temple.
  • Weapon Altars allow you to upgrade your gear before each run.
  • Divine Favors refreshes the gear offered in weapon and relic shrines.


Crystal Skulls and Jade Rings are the main currency for upgrades in Curse of the Dead Gods. Crystal Skulls can be exchanged for passive upgrades, while Jade Rings can be used for weapon upgrades. You will naturally accumulate these just by playing the game. Every Champion and Avatar drop Jade Rings upon defeat. Regular enemies have a low chance of dropping Skulls, while bosses and champions always drop a few.