Where to get Sunsteel in Godfall

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Image via Counterplay Games

Sunsteel is like many of the other resources you need to farm in Godfall. It’s in certain locations, and there several ways to obtain it. You’ll be using it to enhance your weapons and further your progression in the game. The more and better upgrades you give to your equipment, the more it costs, and you can expect to use Sunsteel pretty regularly.

There are two ways to obtain Sunsteel. The first is to dismantle weapons you’re not using. You can visit the forge to dismantle these weapons and other pieces of equipment. Before dismantling it, you’ll be able to see how much Sunsteel you receive for the action. Higher quality equipment will offer you more, so if you obtain an outstanding weapon, while your previously good one was useful, it can serve a purpose for your other equipment.

The other way is to find the secret caches in missions. These Sunsteel caches look like floating, green eggs, and if you bash them with your shield, you’ll receive a large deposit of Sunsteel after you complete the mission. These caches are hidden all over missions, so you can expect to spend a great deal of time trying to find them, and you’ll want to look up often. These caches are hidden for a reason, as they offer a large payout for Sunsteel.