Where to learn the Antiquities skill in The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor

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You can learn a new skill in The Elder Scrolls Online through the Greymoor chapter. With it, you learn how to Scry for Antiquity, which requires you obtains Lead. You can find Lead in several different locations all over the new Western Skyrim region. But you need to first start with the skill before you can begin looking for ways to Scry.

You need to have access to the Gremoor chapter expansion and to start the chapter’s first quest to have access to the new city, Solitude. Once you have that, you can speak with Verita Numida in Solitude.

Verita Numida is in the Antiquarian Circle, which you can find on the map by the unique new symbol of an eye overlapping a pair of shovels. It’s in the southeast portion of the town. Set a waypoint to the destination and make your way to find Verita. Once inside, you can speak to her about learning the new skill.

After speaking to her, turn around to examine the Antiquarian’s Eye, where your character is tested to see if they have the resolve to learn the skill. Speak to Verita after you finish, and you will have access to the Scrying skill tree, and you can proceed with the quest The Antiquarian’s Art to learn more about the skill and continue to have more points available for it.

To Scry for an object, you need to have Lead on you and to be in the same zone as the object. For example, the first mission has you looking for a bottle, and you need to be in the Western Skyrim zone to locate it. With those requirements met, you can attempt to find the first item. You open the Antiquarian Eye to see it, and there are a series of symbols all over it. Your goal is to reach the swirling location to help narrow down the item’s exact location. To make it across the series of symbols, you need to click on the similar ones touching each other to reach the swirling icon. The first icons must be touching the arrow at the center.

By successfully reaching the swirling icon, you can narrow down the location of the historical object. More advanced objects you scry in the future will have multiple swirling symbols, and the more you connect, the more accurate of a location you receive to locate the item.