Where to turn in bounties in The Ascent

A price on their head.

There are a number of different ways to make some extra money in The Ascent, including bounties. Bounties are tough enemies that can be found by exploring the game’s areas. If you manage to take them out, you can earn yourself some extra cash.

There is normally no indication about where a bounty might be, so you need to track them down by fully exploring the game’s world. When you find them, they will be marked by a red skull above their head. It is also important to keep in mind that bounty targets tend to have earned their bounties for a reason.

These enemies will take more damage, and deal more damage, than other enemies, and if you have been struggling to deal with the enemies you have been facing then you definitely want to upgrade your weapons before you take them on.

Once you have taken out the bounty, loot them and then make your way to the nearest bartender to hand in the bounty and get a nice stack of Ucreds to spend on your character. You can find bars marked on the map by small blue bag symbols and can go in there and sell the bounties to the bartender by interacting with them.