Which amiibo are coming for Monster Hunter Rise?

Don’t keep the monster too close to your pals on the shelf.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is coming on March 26, and with it, a trio of amiibo to celebrate the new collection of beasts to destroy. Two of the amiibo are only available as separate purchases, while a third can be found on its own, or as part of the Monster Hunter Rise Collector’s Edition.


The felynes have been a fixture of Monster Hunter ever since the first game debuted on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004, so it’s no surprise that we’re getting an amiibo for their latest incarnation. Beginning in Monster Hunter World, you could take a felyne into battle with you, and this is how they came to be known as Palicoes. Your kitty friend helps you in battle, tossing out heals and shouting words of encouragement while you hopefully don’t get your face eaten by a monster.


Cats are great in combat (who knew?), but Capcom heard everyone’s requests to take a canine into battle with them. For the first time, not only can you pet the dog in Monster Hunter, you can pet your own Palamute amiibo (and any others that might be on your shelf). Unlike the Palico, the Palamute emphasizes attacks during combat, so it won’t focus on your well-being as much as it will help you bring down a monster with its own strengths. You can also ride your Palamute as a mount.


Every Monster Hunter needs a terrifying main villain, and Magnamalo’s amiibo counterpart is just as imposing as its in-game representation. This is likely to be one of the most challenging monsters in the game, especially after the latest trailer from Capcom. Thankfully, if you decide to fly solo in Monster Hunter Rise, you can take on Magnamalo with any combination of two companions.

In-game bonuses

Each amiibo for Monster Hunter Rise will unlock a special set of layered armor. Magnamalo gets you a set for your own character, and the Palico and Palamute amiibos will earn you a layered set for the respective companions. You can check out the previews below:

Where to buy

The Palamute, Palico, and Magnamalo amiibo are all exclusively sold through Gamestop as individual products. You can also find the Magnamalo amiibo through the Collector’s Edition of Monster Hunter Rise. Availability is extremely limited, so keep checking retail websites to see if stock increases before the release date of March 26.