Which gang should you play in Necromunda: Underhive Wars?

Who to choose.

Necromunda Underhive Wars

Image via Focus Home Interactive

In Necromunda: Underhive Wars you will be taking control of a gang as you take on other gangs in vicious tactical combat. The game launches with three gangs, the Escher, Orlock, and Goliath houses. The gangs all have different strengths, so in this guide, we will run through all three, and where they excel.

House Escher


This all-female gang are fierce melee fighters, enjoying bonuses to their agility stats, their melee prowess, and their intelligence. House Escher wants to close the distance and pick enemies apart in close combat where they have the advantage. Correct use of cover is vital for this gang, as they lack the toughness or ranged prowess of their enemies, but can do terrible things to anyone who lets them get too close.

The good news for the Escher gang is that the increased agility rating they enjoy dramatically improves their chances to avoid damage, so you can run the risk of being exposed for a turn if it gets you into a better position. House Escher is all about smart routes and limiting damage in the early game, then falling on your enemies like a pack of murderous wolves.

House Goliath


Goliath gangers are tough to take out. While they don’t excel in any particular area of combat, they win through simple attrition, putting their faith in their ability to take more damage than their enemies. They have increased toughness, strength, and willpower, meaning that they can get hit hard and stay in the fight, and when they do damage back it tends to hurt. They also thrive in the thick of the fight, enjoying bonuses for taking on multiple enemies at once. If a headlong charge at the enemy is what you love, House Goliath is for you.

House Orlock


House Orlock prefers to do their fighting from afar, having bonuses to ranged fire, and alertness. They also have a nice buff to agility, adding to their survivability if they take return fire, or get caught up in a melee battle.

If you like to force your enemy to come to you, funneling them into firing lines and picking them apart at range, then House Orlock will suit your play style. For House Orlock, having good fall back lines is vital, so if you are great at thinking three moves ahead, and setting up safe routes to keep you running and gunning, you will excel with this gang.