Which tight ends have the highest ratings in Madden 23?

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Tight ends have become pivotal pieces of any NFL offense, which is also true in Madden games. Madden ratings season is here, as EA Sports has released ratings for the players who will be in Madden NFL 23, which is scheduled to release this fall. So, which players are the highest-rated tight ends in Madden 23? Let’s take a look.

The highest rated tight ends in Madden NFL 23

Once again, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce received the highest rating among tight ends to start Madden 23. That was the case in Madden 22, and it appears that Kelce will be on top for 2022. However, the top tight end in the league was not able to make his way on to the ’99 Club’ for Madden 23. Kelce may have been a 99 OVR to start 2021, but for this year, the Kansas City tight end will begin as a 98 OVR.

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Here’s a look at the rest of the top ten:

  1. Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (98 OVR)
  2. 49ers TE George Kittle (97 OVR)
  3. Ravens TE Mark Andrews (93 OVR)
  4. Raiders TE Darren Waller (91 OVR)
  5. Lions TE T.J. Hockenson (89 OVR)
  6. Falcons TE Kyle Pitts (87 OVR)
  7. Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki (86 OVR)
  8. Eagles TE Dallas Goedert (85 OVR)
  9. Patriots TE Hunter Henry (84 OVR)
  10. Cardinals TE Zach Ertz (84 OVR)

Four tight ends will start the year as a 90 OVR or higher, including Ravens star Mark Andrews. Andrews started 2021 as an 88 OVR TE but has moved up five points to begin Madden 23 as a 93 OVR.

Travis Kelce is not just the best tight end in terms of overall rating but also in terms of catching. Kelce is tied for first among all tight ends in the Catching attribute, as he will begin with a 96 rating in that category. However, Kelce is not the only one with a 96 figure in this category. Packers tight end Robert Tonyan will also start 2022 with a 96 rating in this figure.