Which wide receivers have the highest ratings in Madden 23?

The best at the wideout position.

Image via EA Sports

It’s ratings season at EA Sports, as the overall ratings for Madden 23 are now being unveiled in conjunction with the game’s promotion. The starting rating for every wide receiver is in, so who made it to the top? Let’s look at the highest-rated wide receivers in Madden NFL 23.

Who are the highest-rated receivers in Madden 23?

EA Sports began the rating releases with the wideouts on July 18, and one man from this position did make it to the illustrious ’99 Club.’ New Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is the highest-rated wide receiver to begin Madden 23. Adams is also not only the highest-rated player in the game among those who play his position, but he also will start 2022 as the only receiver to get a 99 OVR rating from the Madden 23 team. Adams was also the only receiver to begin Madden 22 as a 99 OVR player.

As for the other names, here’s a look at the top 10 wide receivers in Madden 23:

  1. Packers WR Davante Adams (99 OVR)
  2. Rams WR Cooper Kupp (98 OVR)
  3. Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill (97 OVR)
  4. Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins (96 OVR)
  5. Bills WR Stefon Diggs (95 OVR)
  6. Vikings WR Justin Jefferson (93 OVR)
  7. Buccaneers WR Mike Evans (92 OVR)
  8. Chargers WR Keenan Allen (91 OVR)
  9. Commanders WR Terry McLaurin (91 OVR)
  10. Cowboys WR Amari Cooper (90 OVR)

As compared to the start of Madden 22, seven of the 10 who were on this list last year are back for 2022. The newcomers to the top of the wide receiver food chain include Rams star Cooper Kupp, who exploded last year with new QB Matthew Stafford. Also new to this list is young phenom Justin Jefferson, and ‘Scary Terry,’ Commander’s wideout Terry McLaurin.

Adams may be the highest-rated at his position, but that doesn’t mean he received the highest Speed rating. The third player on the list above, Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill, was the only receiver (as of July 18) to get a 99 rating at that specific attribute. This was the case last year, and Hill has retained his sparkling Speed rating for 2022.

Jameson Williams (98), Quez Watkins (98), Jaylen Waddle (97), and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown (97) round out the top five in that specific category.

Madden 23 is set to release on August 19 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.