Who is Abby in The Last of Us Part II?

Abby are you okay?

The Last of Us Part II introduced a new major character in the form of Abby. People are curious to learn more about her and her relationships within the game, so this article will cover what we know about her so far. It goes without saying that this article is filled with spoilers, so read ahead at your peril.

Who is the voice actress for Abby?

Abby is played by voice acting veteran Laura Bailey. She has done voice work in the Fire Emblem series, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Halo, and Dragon Age, to name a few.

Who is Abby?

Spoilers start now, so this is your last chance to turn back.

Abby is a very physically fit woman that you can play for a small portion in the early game until she meets up with Joel and Tommy. She is actually a member of the Western Liberation Front, known as the WLF. This militia occupies Seattle and parts of Washington.

What is her connection to Joel?

Abby is actually the daughter of a doctor who was a member of the Fireflies. He was a surgeon and was going to perform an operation on Ellie to create a cure for the disease that has destroyed the world. Just before the operation begins, Joel discovers that Ellie will not survive the procedure, so he does what Joel is prone to doing and kills the doctors, including Abby’s father.

Abby spends a long time hunting for Joel to get revenge against Joel for murdering her father and effectively dooming everyone to save Ellie.

Does Abby kill Joel?

Oh yeah, she kills him. She kills the crap out of him. For fans of the series, this is going to be a tough moment. Abby tracks down Joel to Wyoming, then ambushes him with her friends after Joel and Tommy save her life. She ends up beating Joel to death with a golf club, delivering the final, fatal blow in front of Ellie.

Can you play as Abby?

You will play as Abby for a short time at the start of the game, and you will end up playing as her for a substantial portion of the latter half of the game.