Doom has never looked so adorable with a release date trailer for Mighty Doom for mobile

He is so cute.

Image via Bethesda Softworks YouTube

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Today we got one of our best looks at the upcoming mobile game for Mighty Doom. We’ve never been able to use the word “adorable” to describe something from Doom, but that changes now. This game will be a “top-down” shooter action that you can play on from your mobile device. This could be a great entry point for the Doom series if you aren’t a childhood fan already.

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In this trailer, we are introduced to the most adorable Mini Slayer. Not only is he small and cute but he is tough and ready to take on some ugly demons. This game will still be as violent as the Doom games that have come before. You will be running and gunning your way through all the mini demons and iconic levels, while also challenging several bosses. Plus, just like any modern Doom game, you will be able to unlock some powerful skills and upgrade your gear.

Mighty Doom will be available for both Android and IOS mobile users launching on March 21, and you can pre-register your account. Once you’ve pre-registered you will be notified once the game launches in March and you will be able to collect a free launch Mini Slayer pack that contains gear and exclusive skins.

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The announcement trailer makes it clear that this is taking place in the Doom animated universe, which is based on the Doom Slayer toys you can find in both Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. We get big Toy Story or Small Soldiers vibes from the cinematic, though, as mentioned, the actual gameplay looks a little different. If nothing else, this should be a solid way to get in some Doom action on the go.