Doom gets Fortnite building in new Voxel Violence mod

Minecraft makes it all come together.

Image via QwertyKing

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The world of PC mods is wild, and the Doom series has been one of the biggest names custom content and user-made levels for ages. Creator John Romero just released a new Doom II level in support of Ukraine, in fact. Now, Doom II players can get their Fortnite fix with a new mod that adds building to the classic shooter’s Deathmatch mode.

Voxel Violence, as the mod is called, makes this possible by bringing Minecraft’s building blocks into Doom II. This lets you “build bases, walls, and whatever the f*** you want,” according to modder QwertyKing. Essentially, you’ll be able to “edit levels while you play the game.” Qwerty hopes to see community maps as a result. It’s quite a concept, and you can see it in action in the trailer below. The mod itself can be downloaded from Mod DB.

This probably isn’t the mod for anyone who loves Fortnite’s Zero Build mode. When the big-name battle royale launched Chapter 3 Season 2, it temporarily removed building, the game’s trademark mechanic, from matches. Many fans actually loved the change and asked for it to be made permanent. Developer Epic Games didn’t do that for the regular game, but a separate, permanent Zero Build mode was released for those who wanted it.