Who is the best starting character in Octopath Traveler 2?

Of the eight characters, who’s the best to start with?

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Octopath Traveler II features eight characters with different abilities and backgrounds. You will explore their stories and build their skills, while working together with their allies to decimate the battlefield. Each character is unique and has their advantages and disadvantages, but you want to start the game on the right foot. Who’s the best character to begin your adventure with?

There isn’t a right-or-wrong answer here, as any character can be great starting out. But the best character is likely going to be the Thief, Throné.

Why is Throné the best starting character?

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Throné starts with a sword, dagger, and dark elemental magic. Her stats are also solid when starting out, allowing her to deal damage and take a few hits. If you have to train her up in the beginning, you shouldn’t have a hard time dealing with the enemies you encounter. With some simple healing items, she should be able to clear her Chapter One story with ease.

The real benefit to Throné is her Steal ability during the day. She can go around stealing items from townspeople, with her success depending on her level. During her introduction, her steal rate is considerably high, and the townspeople around her have good items to steal. It’s possible to steal your way to better equipment without paying a cent, giving Throné an incredible starting advantage.

You can also take Throné to the different towns as you start building your party, and she can start stealing from the townspeople there. As her level continues to grow, so does her success at stealing. This allows you to get relatively nice items without paying money, which is great for building your party’s equipment while you’re on a budget.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with starting with another character, and Throné is hardly the only option when it comes to a good fighter. But for an easy start and a path to steal your way to better items, you can’t go wrong with Throné.