Why are there fireworks in Pokémon Go?

it’s a time to unwind and enjoy the sights.

Image via Niantic

Every so often, specific events occur in Pokémon Go that warrant an added amount of flair than the traditional weekly Research quest, Pokémon debut, or the announcement of a shiny Pokémon. Sometimes, visual effects are added to the game for a limited time to show an additional level of celebration. So, if you’re seeing fireworks on November 5, what event is happening, and why are there fireworks going off in the sky?

The fireworks are tied to the Festival of Lights event happening in Pokémon Go. The Festival of Lights is an event centered around the Diwali Festival happening in India. It’s a festival that lasts for five days. It’s a celebration of the victory of light over darkness or good over evil. The event happens on November 4, in the real world, but for Pokémon Go, the event kicks off on November 5 at 10 AM in your local time zone.

You should see the fireworks for a few days after the start of the event. After that, they should go away. Niantic shared in their blog post about the Festival of Lights that the fireworks should only last a few days but did not offer a specific day. Because Diwali only lasts five days, we may only have the fireworks in-game for the next five days, so until November 10, and they might go away.

Regardless of when the fireworks disappear, the Pokémon Go Festival of Lights event should continue until November 14.