Why is confetti falling in Pokémon Go? (May 31)

Something big is going on.


Image via Niantic

Confetti in Pokémon Go normally happens when a celebration or a large event occurs in the game. This normally happens when Pokémon Go fest occurs in the summer or if an end-of-the-year event occurs, celebrating players in the game. Right now, it’s happening at the end of May 2023, and it might not be clear why this is happening or why the confetti is changing color. Here’s what you need to know about why confetti falls in Pokémon Go.

Why is there confetti in Pokémon Go?

Image via Niantic

The reason for confetti in Pokémon Go is the Pokémon Go final event for the Season of Rising Heroes. This is the final event during the Rising Heroes season and is tied to the current event that is happening. This will only happen for a limited time, especially as we shift into the Season of Hidden Gems starting in early June 2023.

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Why is the confetti changing color in Pokémon Go?

Usually, the confetti stays a uniform color during these events, and it will be this way for the current event. In previous events, the colors have constantly changed color, such as for the Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event. It’s changing based on how many Field Research tasks the Ruby or Sapphire teams complete. If those on the Ruby ticket complete more than the Sapphire ones, the confetti becomes red, and if the Sapphire team wins, the confetti becomes blue, matching their ticket.

This will continue to happen throughout the event and will continue. This is the first time we’ve seen the confetti change color every hour, which might occur again in future Pokémon Go events featuring two teams trying to compete against each other.