Why is confetti falling in Pokémon Go?

Something big is going on.

Image via Niantic

Updates to Pokémon Go happen fairly frequently. These updates are big and small, many of them being rather minor, typically focused on making the experience easier for trainers to manage their Pokémon. The formula for Pokémon Go hasn’t really changed since it was first released in 2016. However, more visual changes cause trainers to wonder what’s happening and if they should be doing something. Notable change players may have picked up on because there’s now confetti is falling from the sky all over the world.

If you ever see confetti falling in Pokémon Go, chances are there’s an event happening at that moment. You typically see it for big events, such as the Pokémon Go Fest yearly event, or larger occasions. We’ll probably see it happening again alongside the end of the year celebrations.

The reason confetti is falling right now is that Pokémon Go has two major events happening. The first is the Season of Celebration, which started on December 1. It’s a three-month-long seasonal run that will be focused on winter. There’s also the added bonus of trainers having the maximum level increased to 50, along with XL candy. The second, a more likely reason for the confetti, is because of the Kalos Celebration.

The Kalos Celebration started on December 2, and it introduced 17 new Pokémon from the Kalos region to Pokémon Go. You can now capture these Pokémon out in the wild, such as Fletchling, and add them to your collection. Although some Pokémon, like Espurr and Klekfi, are restricted. You can only capture Espurr from one-star raids, and Klekfi is restricted to only spawning in France.

The Kalos Celebration event will be happening until December 8, whereas the Season of Celebration will continue until March 1, 2021. It’s likely that once the Kalos Celebrations wraps up, confetti will no longer be falling from the sky, at least, until the next event.