Wild Hearts Kingtusk guide – Weaknesses, drops, and more

Hakuna Matata.

Image via Koei Tecmo

Kingtusk is the biggest Kemono you will face off against in the early hours of Wild Hearts. This massive boar is large and possesses many moves that can defeat you in one shot. It causes mud and roots to erupt from the ground, and he grows grass and trees with each stomp he takes. It’s an aggressive creature and will make short work of you if you aren’t familiar with the Karakuri. This guide will detail how to take down a Kingtusk in Wild Hearts.

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Kingtusk’s weaknesses and rewards in Wild Hearts

The Kingtusk can move very quickly. It features two massive tusks that can make short work of your health and promptly destroy Karakuri structures. We suggest going into this fight with the Karakuri Katana, as this boar’s primary weakness is slashing damage. Wild Hearts rates each stat and weakness from one to five stars. For example, Kingtusk has a five-star weakness to fire, so using a fire weapon will significantly damage it.

Here are all of Kingtusks’ elemental, ailment, and weapon weaknesses.

Attack TypeAttack Effectiveness
Wood2 Stars
Fire4 Stars
Wind3 Stars
Earth3 Stars
Slash4 Stars
Pummel4 Stars
Lunge4 Stars
Poisoned1 Star
Ablaze5 Stars
Fatigued5 Stars
Freezing5 Stars
Tangled5 Stars

Kingtusk Material Drops in Wild Hearts

This creature has several frontal attacks, so we suggest you flank and attack its rear legs instead. If you’re attacking its flank, it will try to slam into you with its body. If you stand near the tail, it will swing the tail twice. You can dodge both attacks with a well-timed slide or dodge. Use a Bulwark wall to stop its signature charging attack and leave it vulnerable to your strongest abilities.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you can destroy its parts and defeat Kingtusk, these are its potential drop rewards. Materials in bold are guaranteed if you can knock that part off and collect it during the fight.

  • Basara Kemono Blood
  • Basara Teardrops
  • Kingtusk Bristle
  • Kingtusk Hide
  • Kingtusk Horn
  • Kingtusk Ivory
  • Kingtusk Tail
  • Kingtusk Thorn
  • Plum Scent Crystal

The Kingtusk is a fearsome creature, but learning how to fight close to it will give you the best chance at a successful hunt. This creature can grant you strong armor and valuable weapon upgrades for each weapon type Wild Hearts offers.