Will Ninjala come to other platforms?

Does it go beyond the Nintendo Switch?

Screengrab via Nintendo

Ninjala is an online battle arena game where players assume the roles of Ninja-Gum characters, using a variety of acrobatic moves, craftable weapons, and gum-based attacks to defeat their foes. It features an eight-player battle royale fight where the winner is the player who lands the most hits and who defeats the most enemies during a match. Right now, it’s exclusively making its debut on the Nintendo Switch, with a live beta running from April 28 to 29, officially releasing on May 27. Can you expect to see it on other platforms?

Right now, we have little to no information about those details. Developer GungHo Online Entertainment has not shared any announcements or set any expectations for fans who may not have Nintendo Switch who are interested in trying out the game. Ninjala first appeared in June 2018 and was later showcased by Nintendo during its E3 2018 video presentation. An additional video feature came from a March 2020 Nintendo Direct Mini showing a brand new trailer, announcing the game’s release date, along with an exclusive beta for Ninjala players to try out on their Nintendo Switch.

GungHo Online is a Japanese company and has other titles, such as Survival Project, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Let it Die, and many other titles featured on other platforms. They have not had a title release on an Xbox system, but have had several PC releases over the years as a company. If they were to release Ninjala to another platform, it’d likely be to the PlayStation 4, or they’d bring it to the PC. Many viewers have compared it to Nintendo’s Splatoons title, which has similar artwork, bright colors, and features competitive online mode.

At this time, there have been no announcements or hints of Ninjala coming to any other platform than the Nintendo Switch. This may change in the future, but for now, it’ll come to the portable Nintendo console on May 27.