Will Total War Saga: Troy support crossplay between Steam and Epic Games Store?



A new entry in the Total War franchise is coming called Total War Saga: Troy. It’ll feature the epic, large scale battles the other games in the series are known to have, with new mechanics and combat scenarios. The game will first release to the Epic Games Store and will have a Summer 2021 release for Steam. Because there will be two storefronts with the game, will players who own ones purchased from separate versions be able to play together through crossplay?

Unfortunately, it looks like the developer Sega will not be supporting any form of crossplay between the two versions. In their FAQ of the game on the main website for Total War Saga: Troy, they specifically say they do not have any future plans of creating a viable cross-platform play between the Epic Games Store and Steam copies.

Because Troy will be available a full year before the game comes to the Steam the likelihood of this current course of action could change during that time. But for now, Sega has made a decision to not make this open to more platforms. Epic Games Store appears to be receiving quite a few perks, such as those who play on this platform have a chance to receive the game for free if they claim it within the first 24-hours of when it launches, which is on August 13, 2020.

The one downside many Total War fans may find with the Epic Games Store is the fact it does not have any mod support. However, the concept is on the road map for the storefront, so when these do become available, those in the mod community will be able to make them available to everyone on the Epic Games Store, and they will be available in Troy.

Hopefully, the cross-play platform from Sega chances, but for now, it’s a no go for Steam and Epic Games Store players.