Will Valheim come to consoles?

Everything is up in the air.

Valheim has been a phenomenal hit, and the game’s success continues to climb. Within a week of having entered early access, it reached a skyrocketing one million units sold, and then shortly after that, it hit two, and the concurrent player numbers on Steam go up alongside it. Valheim’s success cannot be praised enough, and given the amount of time we’ve given it, we can attest to its enjoyment. Many players wonder if the hit survival game will make its way to consoles, and when will that happen?

The answer is on the Valheim website, in the FAQ section written by developers Iron Gate Studio. Before even mentioning consoles, the developers share that they plan to create a Mac-version of Valheim if the demand is there. The same goes for any of the available consoles, but the team shared they did not have any set plans about what to do with the game when they wrote that section.

Everything is up in the air, and given the surging recent of the game, since it launched, it’s easy to say that Iron Gate did not expect any of this. The team is comprised of four developers, and because they have a small team, they don’t have the immediate capacity to expand as quickly as larger studios. The team will need to evaluate their roadmap, determine what is best for them and the player base, and figure out what they need to prioritize.

It feels like a given that Valheim will jump over to consoles before too long. It could happen when the game is officially released, but Iron Gate Studio has not shared anything at this point, and right now, the team is likely too busy trying to figure out where to best use their resources. It’s a lot to throw on four people, so fans will have to be patient to see what the future holds.