Wolfenstein 2 – All Gold Locations

Gathering up all the gold bars in Wolfenstein 2 can be a tall order, but this guide will help players locate them all.

Wolfenstein 2 Gold Bars

Image via MachineGames

Wolfenstein 2 is packed with collectibles. There are fifty Gold items that you can find within its levels, all of which can be collected. Some of them are off the beaten path, in obscure or hard to find locations. This Guide aims to give you a detailed description of where to find all the Gold items within each level, along with a screenshot to show you their rough location. The Guide will go level by level, and try to direct you from one Gold item to the next.

It should be noted, some of these are only available if you load back into the areas using the Enigma Engine, so I personally just waited until I had finished the campaign and then went back in to collect them all. Finally, two of them can be gotten from a secret area that unlocks after you have killed all the Ubercommanders, so if you want to get all the gold you need to wrap that part up beforehand.

Manhattan – Harbor

Image via Bethesda

Gold#1 – You can find the first gold item right where you spawn in. On your left hand side is a crashed plane in the water. Jump into the water and swim to it, the Gold can be found in the shipping container right behind it.

Gold #2 – Swim under the dock you spawned in on , then up to another half sunken shipping container on the right side of the dock. You can find the next Gold item under the water at the back corner closest to the high wall.

Gold #3 – Get out of the water and follow the ruined street all the way around to the left, where it forms a small tunnel beneath the collapsed overpass. The next gold item is half way down this tunnel, right beside a wrecked truck.

Gold #4 – From here, continue down into the building ahead of you, and drop down into the basement. There is a narrow shaft with two ladders on the far wall, the next item is to the right of that shaft.

Gold #5 – Climb the shaft, the keep climbing up until you reach a broken fire escape outside the building. Walk along this, then climb up the stairs to the next floor. From here you will see a large, destroyed room with multiple floors. Drop down one level into this room, the Gold item is in the very far left corner under a bed.

Gold #6 – Directly across the street in a Police Station. Go in here and go up one floor, dropping down into a large hole in the floor. Don’t drop down into the basement, if you do, you have fallen too far. The collectible is in a desk in the right hand corner of the room closest to the street.

Gold #7 – Continue down the main street towards the tall building at the end of the level. In the ground floor, on the left hand corridor, you will find the final golden collectible in this level.

Manhattan – Subway

There are only two golden collectibles in the Subway level. One is at the very beginning, the other is at the very end.

Gold #8 – After loading in with the Engima Machine, you will be standing top of a train. Drop down to the front of it, then move all the way to the end of the train in front of you to the pile of rubble blocking the tunnel. Your item will be there.

Gold #9 – Now make your way all the way to the area where the Ubercommander is. The final gold piece in the Subway is in front of the train to your left.

Manhattan – Ruins

Gold #10 – When you first spawn in using the Enigma Machine, drop off the ledge to your left. The first piece of gold in this level is almost directly under your feet, in a crack between 3 broken slabs of concrete.

Gold #11 – From here, head directly across the large open area to the buildings on the other side. The left most building is where you want to go, the next piece of gold is hidden at the end of a short but very dark corridor.

Gold #12 – Up next you need to get back to the multistory building that you originally move through when playing this in the campaign. You can either use a fire escape, a small hole in a wall, or smash your way through another wall, depending on which Contraptions you have. Make your way down to the very bottom floor, at the back of the building. The gold will be here beside a green chair.

Gold #13 – There will be a large robot out in the street, destroy it then make your way down the subway tunnel it was guarding. There is an Ubercommander here, so be careful. At the end of the tunnel, at the foot of the staircase, you will find the next piece of gold.

Manhattan – Penthouse

Gold #14 – There is a single Gold collectible in the Manhattan Penthouse. It can be found on a shelf, just over the oven in the small kitchen area.

Manhattan – Nuclear Bunker

Gold #15 – You will spawn in at the back of the semi-circular control room. Go to the main control center, then up to the walkway above you. Drop down outside and the gold will be near the front of the room.

Gold #16 – From here, head for the elevator and go up. Climb out of it walk forward into the room with four decontamination doors. Head into the red lit room and the gold will be behind a crate on a cart.

Gold #17 – Go back to the main room with four large decontamination doors and look for a yellow forklift. In that room is a crate in one corner, the gold is behind it.

Gold #18 – The easiest way to access this one is to use the Constrictor Harness that can also be found in this area. Use it to crawl under a cart covered in crates to access the Ubercommander area. The gold is behind a crate at the very end of this corridor.

Roswell – Downtown

Gold #19 – Climb onto the gas station roof. You can do this by jumping from a truck in the back alley of the gas station. The gold is on the corner of the roof nearest where you spawn in.

Gold #20 – Head for the “Neumond” building, the gold is in the music studio in the back.

Gold #21 – You need to get into the diner. Easiest way to do this here is by climbing onto the roof and blowing open the vent. Drop down into the kitchen and the gold will be on a shelf just inside the kitchen door.

Gold #22 – Head down stairs into Super Spesh’s secret room. Be careful, there is an Ubercommander down there. Once he is dealt with the gold is on a shelf just inside the room.

Roswell – Underground

Gold #23 – After loading in with the Engima Machine, make your way to through the corridors. Continue on until you come to the first train terminal. Right as you enter this area you will see a large pile of freight on your left hand side. The gold is behind this.

Gold #24 – From here, head for the control room on the left hand side of the terminal. Move through the door in the back of it into an open, almost empty room. On a crate in the corner will be the next gold collectible.

Gold #25 – Head for the train that acts as a corridor between the two terminals. Go to the upper level, then take the third door on the right. The gold is sitting on top of a locker in the center of the right side.

Gold #26 – Move onwards thought, and under, the train until you come to the very large terminal. Be warned, there will be a very large robot here that wants to kill you. As you exit the train keep close to the right hand wall, the next gold item is in a pile of crates there.

Gold #27 – After clearing out all the bad guys move to the far end of the terminal. On the right hand side as you move down, all the way at the end, you will see a large pile of crates. The gold is hidden at the back of them close to the wall.

Gold #28 – On the upper level of the terminal are two offices. More caution here, as one of them contains and Ubercommander. In the other one, is your gold. It is sitting on the desk in there.

Mesquite – Farmhouse

Gold #29 – The first gold item is in the barn, make your way past the film set towards BJ’s childhood home. In the barn is a small room to the left, the gold piece is in there well hidden in the darkness to your right.

Gold #30 – Head to BJ’s old house and make your way to the basement. The second gold piece is in a pile of crates in the back left corner of the larger basement room.

New Orleans – Wall

Gold #31 – Head through the arch for Joy’s Gator Farm. Now take a left into the building there. The gold item is on your right behind a broken sheet of wood.

New Orleans – Ghetto

Gold #32 – Enter the building on the left as you spawn in, and drop down into the basement. The gold item is at the far end of the basement beside two large green machines.

Gold #33 – Go back up one floor and look for a whole in the ceiling that leads to a short corridor that ends in a boarded up window. Your gold is right beside the hole in the floor under a broken table.

Gold #34 – Go back to the boarded up windowns, break the wood and jump out and into the alley below. Follow the alley to the right until you reach a parting in the row of houses with a small alley that leads to a door. Your gold is on the floor inside.

Gold #35 – Go all the way to the end of the level, then dive into the water near the large wall. Swim to the partially submerged green bus and your gold is at the far end of it.

New Orleans – Bienville Street

Gold #36 – As you enter the sewer tunnels the first gold item is in an alcove to your left before the open metal gate that leads to the right.

Gold #37 – Move the whole way through the level until you get to the part with the Donut shop. There will be an Ubercommander here, so be careful. Take a left, and go down to the building with a car and a fallen sign in front of it. Enter the very last door in that building and the gold is in that dark room.

New Orleans – Lakeview

Gold #38 – Turn left from where you load in and you will see a torn up street. Drop down into the tears and take the left most path, the gold will be waiting for you on the ground.

Gold #39 – Continue through the level until you reach a large house with a curved staircase at the front, surround by a fence. The gold is to the right of this building on a small patch of grass in the corner.

Gold #40 – Continue on through the level until you reach a deep pipe that runs through the ground and is torn open. There is a gold item at the end of the pipe.

Venus – Habitat

Gold #41 – Head for Hitler’s office, where you auditioned for the film in the story. Jump over some ropes to find the gold item beside the cameras.

Gold #42 – Head for the main living area, and you will find the gold beside the jukebox on one of the tables.

Venus – Oberkommando

Gold #43 – In the main control room, find the large circular console that surrounds where the globe used to be. The gold item will be under it.

Gold #44 – Head for the exit door in the control room. Turn left and go all the way to the end where you will find the gold near some tools.

Gold #45 – Take the lift and head down the stairs, to the right are two small rooms filled with glass panels. In the second room, break a panel to find the gold item.

Gold #46 – Head towards the Ubercommander area and kill him, then make for the second door on the left. The gold is in a small office there.

Venus – Transporthalle

Gold #47 – Drop all the way down the exterior until you find the long ladder that takes you to the Ubercommander area. First, head to the right and hug the wall. The gold is down here near some rocks and crates.

Gold #48 – Now turn around and head back for the Ubercommander. Once again hug the right wall to find another piece of gold behind a crate.

Manhattan – Riverside

Gold #49 – This area is dark, so be sure to turn on your light. Head downwards until you reach a large chamber with a robot Nazi in it. To your left are a stairs the head down, look behind the stairs for a locked grey door. Use your extendo legs to climb through a hole in the ceiling above it and take a right. The gold will be on a cart there.

Gold #50 – Stay moving down until you reach a large chamber patrolled by dogs and Super Soldiers. There will be two open doors in front of you, take the left one. Go through the open door in the large chamber beyond that and take the vent on your left, drop down and smash through the grating. Use the stilts to reach the upper area above the yellow door. The last gold piece is waiting for you here.