How to Unlock the Da’at Yichud Chest in Wolfenstein Youngblood


The latest update for Wolfenstein Youngblood has officially gone live, adding several new features to the game. This includes some new treasure hunt missions, along with additional abilities, new skins, and more.

But there’s also an interesting new item to obtain—the Da’at Yichud Chest. According to the developers at MachineGames, it holds an “item related to the God Key” that could be a game-changer against the Nazi regime. The real question here, however, is how to get it.

Fortunately, we’ve got the tips you need to acquire the chest. Be prepared for a fight, though. This is one reward that will not come easily.

Complete the Da’at Yichud Artifacts

First off, you’ll need to be at the point in the game where the endgame is afoot. It’s here that you’ll have access to a side mission called “Da’at Yichud Artifacts.” Tackle this mission and get through it successfully, and you’ll be able to open up another side quest, known as “Treasure Hunt.”

This next mission is exactly as it sounds, sending you on a quest to track down the Da’at Yichud chest. But there’s a couple of areas that you’ll have to go through first.

The New Areas, and the Enemies Within Them

The first of these areas is a Parisian reservoir, and the second is a secret Nazi bunker, loaded to the hilt with enemies. Along with the routine soldiers that you’ll come across, these areas have three new types of foes you’ll have to contend with—the Wurmlochsoldat, the Electrodrohne and the Turmhund.

The Wurmlochsoldat is the trickiest of these new enemies, as they use teleporting to try and gain a vantage point on your team. Make sure you do away with them quickly before they get the jump on you and attack.

The Electrodrohne (Tesla Drone) is a bit pesky as well, raining down gunfire at you from different areas. Use your weapons and destroy it upon sight as well.

Finally, the Turmhund not only packs a dangerous bite, but can also fire lasers upon you. Watch your step with these and rain down heavy gunfire on them.

Once you get through these areas, you’ll gain access to the Da’at Yichud chest, as well as the goodies inside. But, more importantly, you’ll also see a slew of Treasure Maps available in the Missions menu. These will allow you to pick up even more artifacts over the course of the game. By tracking down each one, you’ll earn additional XP, as well as Silver Coins and a new Ability Point for your soldier. So they’re definitely worthwhile. You can see part of the artifacts found with the Trophy Gamers video below.

Wolfenstein Youngblood is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.