Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Lothar Fight Guide


Wolfenstein: Youngblood bookends its boss fights with a couple of Nazis in power suits. The first boss you fight is Captain Winkler, while the final boss you fight is Lothar. It’s a good idea to remember the lessons learned from killing Winkler when you go to take on Lothar.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Lothar Fight Guide

Lothar is a multistage boss fight, with a clear separation between the stages. It’s a good idea to stock up on lives before you take him on, as Lothar hits pretty hard.

Stage 1

The first stage is straightforward and requires the God Key you will have just gotten through the story. Equip the God Key, and when Lothar is shooting it at you use it to gather all the bullets, Matrix-style. When he stops shooting, send all those bullets back at him to do a lot of damage. When you damage him enough, the fight will progress to the next stage.

Keep in mind, Lothar won’t use any of his abilities or extra skills in this portion, so it is quite straight forward.

Stage 2

The real fight begins when Lothar heads to the roof. You will need to fight him while he is getting back up from some Nazi aircraft. Pay close attention to where the elevator doors are, because now and then some Nazi troops will show up to help him out as well. It’s a good idea to clear out troops and learn the arena you are going to be fighting in before engaging with Lothar during the second phase.

The fight is made especially awkward if you don’t have the right weapons. Single shotguns are your best bet. Lothar will be flying around a lot, and hitting him with inaccurate fast-firing weapons will prove difficult. You can also take advantage of the turrets on the catwalk above you to put a lot of damage into him.

Once Lothar takes enough damage, his jetpack will be disabled. This is when you can break out the other weapons in your arsenal. It is a good idea to stick to the catwalks above, however. This is a long and drawn-out battle, so minimizing your damage by being up on the catwalks, or using the central cover in the arena, is very important. The catwalks allow you to control your angles of exposure and lure Lothar into damage while giving you good routes to escape when he gets too close.

Mostly, the Lothar fight is about patience. Don’t get too foolhardy in your attempts to do damage, especially with that jet fighter firing missiles at you, and everything will go smoothly. Also, if you are playing coop make sure you stay reasonably close to your partner so that you can pick each other up if you get downed.