World War Z: Every campaign level on Nintendo Switch

Start planning your trip through the zombie apocalypse.

Screenshot of World War Z

Image via Saber Interactive

World War Z is finally available on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re familiar with the Aftermath upgrade that hit the other versions of the title earlier this year, you might find the game a little lacking in content, particularly when it comes to playable levels.

There are four campaigns in World War Z’s Switch port, each of which features a unique set of playable characters. This guide will walk you through which levels are available in the Nintendo Switch version of the game and highlight which ones didn’t make the cut.

New York

This campaign follows a group of New York residents banding together to escape a city under siege by zombies and the United States Army. Their destination is the Hudson River, which is home to an evacuation center. This storyline features the following levels:

  • Descent
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Hell and High Water
  • Dead In The Water


This story centers around survivors trying to gain access to a military bunker that supposedly holds the key to surviving the zombie apocalypse — a satellite defense system. This one only has three levels, listed below:

  • Brain Surgery
  • Dead Sea Stroll
  • Tech Support


Set in the motherland, four Russian survivors take on the horde in search of a way to save their country. Their journey takes them to some fairly dark places, including a former Soviet bunker containing a superweapon left over from the Cold War. Like New York, this campaign has four levels:

  • A Sign from Above
  • Key to the City
  • Battle of Nerves
  • Resurrection


This campaign stars a volunteer search and rescue team trying to protect a convoy of evacuating Tokyo residents from the overwhelming zombie horde. Only three levels are present here:

  • Setting Sun
  • Final Call
  • Cruise Control

Missing Levels in the Nintendo Switch Version

World War Z on Switch currently lacks one campaign introduced as DLC for other platforms — Marseilles. Whether or not this level makes its way to the Switch version remains to be seen. Additionally, the campaigns for Rome and Kamchatka that were introduced with the Aftermath upgrade are also missing. At this time, it’s unknown if any of the Aftermath content will eventually come to the Switch version of World War Z.