WoW: Classic – The Best DPS Classes to Choose


While picking a class in WoW: Classic is essential, it’s better to know what class is going to serve a role best. For those who want to do the most amount of damage, you want to specialize in providing your team with the biggest hits imaginable. Only a handful of classes can genuinely specialize in attacking in WoW: Classic. Here are some excellent choices for you to pick for those who are curious about what some of the best damaging classes you can choose.

The Best DPS Classes to Choose in WoW: Classic

Rogue – Subtlety

Going down the Rogue subtlety tree is an excellent option for players who want to pick the fights they want to engage in during PvP. Rogues are for those who are willing to wait, who are patient enough to observe when their enemy has dropped their guard. When this happens, a rogue can pop out of their stealth and deal an immense amount of damage in short order. Not only can they do this, but they can stun their opponent in the middle of the engagement. A stunned opponent cannot react to a glass-cannon rogue. If the rogue was intelligent enough to choose the engineer profession, they might have some additional stuns and damaging items they can use.

Warrior – Arms

Unfortunately, Warriors are a nightmare during the early and middle part of WoW: Classic because they’re incredibly dull to level. However, for players who make it end game and achieve some excellent gear, they’re a force to be reckoned against in any PvP fight or a dungeon. While Warriors have the option to act as a tank, the ones who go down the arms tree are going to deal a higher amount of damage. As long as players can make it to the end of the game, their Warrior character is going to be a welcome sight on their ally’s team.

Warlock – Destruction or Affliction

Warlocks are a tricky class. Going down this route is going to have you nuking a single target you no longer want to see in the field of battle, but you’re going to find yourself an immediate goal for the more veteran players. Those who leave a warlock unattended find themselves heading to the graveyard. While playing one, you want to put a majority of your points into Destruction. But you want several from the Affliction tree, such as Improved Life Tap, Nightfall, and Amplify Curse. Because players are incredibly squishy, they may wish to have all of their cooldowns ready if they’re going to engage an opponent. For those who are unprepared for a Warlock, they don’t live long.

Mage – Frost

Much like Warlock, a Mage going down the Frost tree can destroy their opponents in a matter of seconds. Those who choose to create a mage and follow down the line of Frost, sprinkling in a few points in Arcane are going to deal the highest amounts of damage of any class in the game. However, the most prominent problem players are going to encounter while going down this route is the fact they cannot heal themselves. You’re going to rely on your allies to take care of you, tanking for you, and protecting you when your abilities are on cooldown. When choosing this class, there is an apparent exchange to doing the most damage in a party, but likely being the first ones on their back if you don’t observe your surroundings. A rogue who takes the long-route, cornering you, is going to end your day.

Priest – Shadow

While being a notable healer for the party, a Priest can choose to go down a darker route and deal a good amount of damage. Those who prefer a Priest need to focus on putting points into the Shadow class. This tree is going to have the most destructive, faith-based mage the Priest can dish out. Additionally, there are a handful of skils in the Discipline tree, and Priest can use to improve their kit. However, none of the skills in the Holy tree are going to have enough to deal damage properly. Not only can a Priest deal a decent amount of damage with this build, unlike the Mage, but they can also heal themselves. This ability brings them up in the tier-list of how powerful they are in dealing damage, making them a more powerful force on the field.

Hunter – Survival

Hunters won’t get a lot of love in WoW: Classic. While they’re a great class who excel in solo leveling, they’re not going to do the best amount of damage. They have an ideal middle ground because they can do ranged combat and melee. Their animal companion can also assist them in battle, but the big focus is for a Hunter to put points into Survival, and Marksmen. These two trees are essential to making an ideal, damaging PvP hunter build. With the Survival tree, these hunters are going to have a considerable amount of critical chance, but they’re going to rely on using ammunition during battles. As long as the Hunter has enough supplied, they should do fine.