WoW: Classic What Class You Should Play


WoW: Classic is taking the world by storm. Do people know it’s not 2004? They do not, and that’s okay. Several thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the long load times in the game to jump onto a server. But, when you get there, and you had the opportunity to make your character, who should they be? What options do you have available to you when you load in, and what do they do? Here are the details about the various classes you can play as in WoW: Classic.

What Class to Play in WoW: Classic


Are you interested in hitting the enemy as hard as possible, or leading the charge while soaking up some of the hardest damage thrown at you? Then you’re going to want to choose to become your group’s warrior. As a warrior, you can choose to take on the hardy, decent job of being the group’s main tank. With the “Protection” subclass, you can soak up damage and throw it back at your enemies. However, if you’d instead another class take the lead as being the group’s head protector, you can choose to go for the “Arms” and “Fury” tree, doing more damage than you know what to do within the game. You’re going to rely on doing it from class range, so get prepared to take a few hits to the face at the same time.


You’re a little bit like the warrior, but now you have the chance to do some healing at the same time. The Paladin does a great job as being a group’s main defensive unit if they follow their “Protection,” tree, likely able to do it far better than the warrior can, but this does lean on the player’s ability, too. Regardless, the Paladin can take choose to be a group’s main tank and lead everyone forward using their divine right to power. Additionally, they can always stay far away and provide healing to a party. Paladins excel at healing with the “Holy” tree line, and they have several abilities at their disposal. For those who find themselves in a unique situation to becoming a hybrid class; while not good one single thing, they’re decent with several things with “Retribution.”


Now, we’re getting to a class you’re likely going to feel a little frail with using. The Priest does not take damage like the Warrior and Paladin can, but they can provide excellent healing to keep the entire party alive. You can go down the “Discipline,” or “Holy,” skill trees to provide your team with the best healing abilities this side of the Alliance faction. Unfortunately, a big thing to note about Priest is because they have such an incredibly extensive toolkit with abilities to use, they have a lot of skills and keybindings to use. You’re going to need to figure out what keys you need to focus on, and how to expand out your toolbar. Additionally, you could go down the “Shadow,” route to instead do more damage, downscaling the amount of healing and healing traits available to you.


For those play on the side of the Horde, you’re not going to have Paladin available, but you are going to have Shaman to make things up. While they can’t take as much damage as a Paladin can, they’re able to dish out mountains of magical damage. They conjure storms and call upon the elements, bending these forces to their will. You have the option to play as a melee damage dealer, the “Enhancement,” tree, or a ranged one, with the “Elemental,” line. Both are viable options if you want to deal damage and fling these powerful resources at your enemies. However, you can also go down the supportive route to remain a group’s healer with the “Restoration,” treeline.


For those interested in walking on the wild side, you always have the option to become one with mother nature and take up life as a Druid. A Druid is a formidable foe with the ability to go forward with the group to soak up as much damage as they can, protecting their allies with the “Feral Combat.” However, if you correctly scale this tree, you can modify the class to function more as a damage dealer. Additionally, the “Balance” route provides a ranged option to the forward, melee alternative. Lastly, the Druid can also function as a decent healer with the “Restoration,” tree, but not everyone relies on it.


Do you want to do straight damage, and nothing but damage from a long-range or get up close? Do you want to do it with an animal partner? Hunter is going to be the route you want to venture down, as you’re able to do purely, only, significant damage as this straightforward class. You can pick what type of animal partner you have to modify how you’re going to go about handle missions by having one that soaks up damage or have one to do damage alongside you. Whatever you choose, you know one thing about this class: you are going to dish out plenty of damage.


Speaking of endless amounts of damage, the Rogue remains a squishy alternative to the hybrid ranged and melee fighting of the Hunter. While the rogue cannot take as much damage as the Hunter, it can deal it out as if the enemy were never there from the start. Not to mention, your enemies are never going to see you coming. Your abilities are going to dish out massive amounts of critical damage, all from the comfort of your stealth. You’re going to be challenging to find on the battlefield, and your enemies are going to search high and low for you the entire time.


For those who believe they want to keep their distance and use their knowledge of the arcane to destroy their foes, Mage is the ideal option. You’re going to have numerous choices when it comes to what kind of elemental power you want to use as the Mage, but your options are all going to deal plenty of damage. You can choose to rely on your knowledge of fire, frost, or the arcane, each with a different reason for what makes them useful to a mage.


One of the final classes you can be in WoW: Classic is the Warlock. You can summon a familiar to assist you battle, much like the Hunter can use an animal to help them in combat. Unlike the Hunter, though, the ally you summon is only there to serve you, as they’re bound to your will. You’re going to have plenty of options available to you when you’re fighting others, but you’re like the Mage in that your magical focus determines what role you’re best out. Are you going to rely on the familiars you summon or are you using more of your powerful magical strikes, destroying your foes?