WWE 2K20: What Each Different Edition Will Get You


Today sees the release of the newest installment of the ongoing WWE 2K series, with WWE 2K20. Each year 2K roll out another version of the game while continuing to ignore player’s complaints such as horrible graphics, and instead, seem to focus more and more on different editions that you can spend your hard-earned money on, but is it worth it?

That’s all a matter of personal taste. Some of us are just happy to go with the vanilla version of the game and choose later on down the line if the extra bells and whistles are worth dropping some bones on, whereas others want the top of the range package straight out the traps.

So which one is right for you? Again, it’s all a matter of taste, but so you can make a well-educated choice, this guide will tell you just what you get for your bucks with each edition of the game.

WWE 2K20: What Each Different Edition Will Get You

  • WWE 2K20 Originals Bump In the Night DLC Pack #1: This horror-themed DLC will allow you to play as The Fiend, the best thing going in the WWE at the moment. It also comes with other nightmarish versions WWE Superstars, such a Braun Strowman and Randy Orton. It also adds a 2K horror-based Showcase as well as one for the 2K Towers. It’s available across the board for Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Editions.
  • Backstage Pass: The Backstage Pass means that you will receive the rest of the WWE 2K20 Originals DCL Packs when they’re released. It’s available for the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.
  • Smackdown! 20th Anniversary Digital Content: Play as Chyna, “$500 Shirt” The Rock, Mankind, and everyone’s favorite racist grandpa Hulk Hogan. There’s the promise of even more Legends to be added down the line. To access all this content, you need the Deluxe or Collector’s Editions.
  • WWE 2K20 Accelerator: Cheat your way…er I mean…get a leg up on the road to success with the WWE 2K20 Accelerator. This allows you to access all unlockable content from day one, as well as allowing you to change the attributes and stats of every wrestler in the game.
  • WWE 2K20 My Player Kickstart: If you can’t wait to get your character into the main event, then the WWE 2K20 Player Kickstart is just what you’re looking for. You’ll receive a bonus of 25 Attribute Points, 8 eight more Skill Points, 25,000 VC; all Boost Slots unlocked as well as 15 free boosts and 2,000 free tokens. This is available for the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.
  • WWE SuperCard Limited Edition Cards: Get all your favorite wrestlers on handy pieces of card. Available for Deluxe and Collector’s Editions but only if you actually go out and buy a physical copy of the game.
  • Exclusive WWE SmackDown! Ring Skirt Relic Piece: It’s a 20th Anniversary Exclusive WWE SmackDown! Ring Skirt Relic Piece that you can hang in your home. Available only for the Collector’s Edition.
  • Limited Edition WWE SmackDown! Legend Autographed Plaque: Something else you can put on your walls is the Limited Edition WWE SmackDown! Legend Autographed Plaque. It will be signed by either Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, or Edge and is only available with the Collector’s Edition.