WWE 2k20 Refund Guide – Is it Possible?


2K Sports’ wrestling sim WWE 2K20 hasn’t even been out two days, and fans are already considering it a glitchy mess. Several of the game’s errors got shared on social media, including a couple of noteworthy tweets below. Just…yikes.

As a result, some fans have already begun asking about the possibility of a refund on the game. Over on the 2K Store, it states that “all sales are final.” But is there a way to get your money back? Let’s look at the different options.

Can You Get a Refund On the Retail Copy?

If you’ve purchased a physical game for Xbox One or PlayStation 4, there are options available for return. It depends on the retailer you bought it from.

With Amazon, it’s usually a simple request. Submit your report about the game, note its problem (glitching or something along those lines), and it’ll ask you to send the game back. Once received, you should get your money, no muss, no fuss.

Other stores are a little different. Best Buy, Target, and GameStop usually have a policy where, if a game has gets opened, they can only exchange it for another copy of the same game. That said, considering WWE 2K20 and its noted problems, there’s a slight chance they might let you exchange it for something else. No guarantees, though.

Worst case scenario, you can trade the game in and get part of your money back. It beats nothing, though it does stink that most of it are gone.

Can You Get a Refund On Steam?

2K doesn’t have a specific policy with WWE 2K20 on Steam. However, Valve has a general one in which users can request their money back, according to this support page.

There are some conditions. You need to request within 14 days of the game’s initial purchase. Also, gameplay time has to be less than two hours, either online, offline, or via shared play. If it’s more than that, you can still try to plead your case, though their acceptance varies.

To learn more about how to submit a request, visit this page.

Can You Get a Refund On Xbox?

Again, 2K doesn’t have anything in place for direct refunds. However, a couple of years ago, Microsoft did introduce a policy where users can request a refund. It’s very similar to Valve’s Steam service, requiring players to make their request within 14 days of release, with no more than two hours of play.

To put in the request, go to this page and sign in. Go to Payment & Billing and visit Order History. Find your game purchase, and you should see an option to Request a Refund. Fill that out, and they should get back to you with either an approval or rejection, depending on conditions.

Can You Get a Refund On PlayStation 4?

Generally, Sony doesn’t have too much of an open refund policy. However, a recent tweet from a user named kingkhristen indicates that they’re making exceptions with WWE 2K20. Check out the tweet below.

They got their full purchase refunded back upon submitting the request. This policy does not apply to all consumers, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Head to Sony’s support page to put it in.

Good luck! And who knows, maybe 2K will patch these errors sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.