WWE 2K22: How to change a wrestler’s alignment in MyRise

Good or bad?

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In professional wrestling, superstars are traditionally looked upon as face or heels. Faces are on the side of good. On the other hand, heels are the dastardly competitors who will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means cheating or annoying fans along the way. WWE 2K22’s MyRise allows users to choose this status independently, which is called an alignment. Alignments are actually pretty important in the mode, as it affects which stories can be accessed. So, how can you change a wrestler’s alignment in MyRise? Let’s take a look.

Wrestler alignments can be changed in several ways in MyRise. One way is by looking into your DM folder in the Social Media hub. Depending on what brand you are on, look for a DM from the leader of that brand. For example, if you are on NXT, look for a William Regal DM.

One of those DMs should be a message asking whether you want to change your personality. If you choose the option with the red image, you’ll become a Heel. Choose the one with the green, and you are now a Face.

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Users can also change their alignment thanks to in-game dialogue with NPCs. Along the way, you might be asked to team with a wrestler or whether you want help in an upcoming wrestler. In some cases, the statements that are chosen will affect the storyline and your alignment.

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Remember that in MyRise, some Story chapters are alignment-locked. This means that some can only be accessed if you are a Face or a Heel. If you see that you are running out of chapters in your current alignment, it’s time for a switch.