Everything Announced at X019


Microsoft’s now-annual X019 show has wrapped up, and it was particularly busy. Several announcements were made, including all new titles from familiar studios, including updates to favorites like Halo Reach.

Here’s a rundown of everything that came from the event, so you can catch up on anything you might have missed. Dig in and see what all Microsoft had to offer.

  • Everwild: Rare introduced an all-new IP today, based around characters that interact with unique creatures in a magical world.
  • Grounded: The developers of The Outer Worlds are hard at work on a new survival game, featuring heroes shrunken down to abnormal size.
  • Kartrider Drif: Nexon announced a new kart-racing game is coming to Xbox One, set to release “first” on Xbox in 2020. Get a look at the official trailer here.
  • Tell Me Why: Dontnod, the creators of the Life Is Strange series, revealed its new episodic adventure, coming to Xbox One next summer.
  • Final Fantasy games are coming to Xbox Game Pass: Almost the entire saga of Final Fantasy games is making its way to Microsoft’s on-demand service next year. More details here.
  • Kingdom Hearts classics are coming to Xbox One: After the release of Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix has confirmed that the previous Kingdom Hearts games are due for Xbox One next year. Find out more here.
  • Yakuza games are coming to Xbox One: Sega’s gangster saga will finally make its way to Microsoft’s console, with three games coming in 2020. Learn more about them at this link.
  • Halo Reach will join the Master Chief Collection next month: The rumors are true. Halo Reach will debut on Xbox One and PC on Dec. 3.
  • Wasteland 3: The long-awaited third chapter in the post-apocalyptic survival series is officially due on May 19, 2020. See it in action here.
  • A new Sea of Thieves update: Following the debut of a Gears of War themed ship, Sea of Thieves will see a big update on Nov. 20, complete with firebombs and a new Tall Tale quest.
  • West of Dead is in open beta: A new twin-stick Western adventure is coming from Raw Fury, and it’s available in open beta now. (Bonus: Ron Perlman voices the lead character.)
  • Bleeding Edge release date: The latest from Ninja Theory isn’t too far off, and you’ll soon be able to fight amongst your friends in Bleeding Edge. We’ve got all the details right here.
  • Drake Hollow debuts next year: The creators of The Flame In the Flood are back with a bold new indie project, coming to the Xbox One front in 2020. Check out its debut trailer.
  • Last Stop schedules a visit to Xbox One: The developers of the indie favorite Virginia are back with a new adventure, set to release on Microsoft’s platform. The first trailer is right here.
  • Planet Coaster: After being such a big hit on PC, the amusement park sim is finally ready to ride onto the Xbox One. See it in action with this debut trailer.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Check out the latest gameplay for this flight sim here.
  • Age of Empires IV gameplay debut: After waiting for what felt like an eternity, fans finally got a gameplay trailer for Age of Empires IV. Worth the wait? We’d say so.
  • Minecraft Dungeons release date: We know when you’ll be able to take part in the hack and slash adventure. And thanks to this story, you can too.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s new trailers: On the eve of the game’s launch, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order got a pair of new trailers, including this fun live-action sequence.
  • The Artful Escape: The latest title from Annapurna Interactive looks to combine rock and roll with fantasy-themed platforming. Get a good look at it here.
  • Xbox Game Pass additions: The Xbox Game Pass program is getting a ton of great games over the next few weeks. These include the Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Streets of Rage 4, Rage 2, the Final Fantasy games, and countless others. Check out some of the indie favorites coming right here.
  • Xbox Game Cloud news: Finally, several service announcements for the Xbox Game Cloud came out. The beta now has over 50 games to choose from, including Devil May Cry 5, Tekken 7, and Madden NFL 20. Furthermore, it will soon support Windows 10 PC, and also various new peripherals, including Sony’s own DualShock 4. Check out more information as it goes live here.