XDefiant ECHO Error Messages, Explained

What we know, and how to get around the ECHO error code.

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XDefiant is a free-to-play first-person shooter that pulls together factions from across Ubisoft’s various franchises and throws them into a war against one another across multiple game modes. As with many online games, it’s subject to error codes when things aren’t running smoothly. This guide explains the ECHO error messages in XDefiant and how to work around them.

At the time of writing, XDefiant is in closed beta, available to anyone given a code by Ubisoft directly. However, we expect the ECHO error message to be used in the full release too, because of the meaning behind it.

What are ECHO error messages in XDefiant?

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ECHO error messages pop up in XDefiant when the game’s services aren’t available. The message for the ECHO-02 error reads, “XDefiant services are not available at this time. Please try again later.” This means that the game’s servers are likely down for maintenance, which is why you’re unable to access it.

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Can you fix XDefiant ECHO error messages?

At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to fix an ECHO error message. We’ve attempted closing the game, restarting devices, and nothing seems to work. We suspect this is because the issue is with the game’s servers rather than any device a player is using. The only fix, for now, seems to be waiting for Ubisoft to fix the problem and trying to play later.

How to check for server issues in XDefiant

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The two most common ECHO error messages are ECHO-02 and ECHO-06. If you’re experiencing these, the best place to check for issues is the official XDefiant Twitter account. This is where the support team post information about all the issues affecting players if there are any. If you don’t see anything relating to your particular issue there, try checking the official Known Issues page from Ubisoft. This is a board where you can see all the problems affecting the game, whether they’ve been fixed, and how long it will be until you can play the game once again.